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This September 2019, our Tradeworks Training Program and facility will be closing.

For the past 25 years, Tradeworks has facilitated thousands of skills training and employment opportunities through trades-related programming and the operation of a social enterprise.

Located in the Downtown Eastside, Tradeworks has supported a diverse number of clients including local residents, women, and youth gain occupational skills in woodworking and carpentry as well as employability skills to help boost motivation and confidence. Tradeworks has been a first step towards pursuing higher education for an apprenticeship career track, or paid employment and ultimately supporting their own economic independence.

While change is always hard, we’re proud of what’s been achieved and are grateful for the lasting impact that will come through community partnerships.

Lasting Impact

Community collaboration to maximize impact has been key to so many of the innovative projects we’ve delivered over the years. It’s through these partnerships that we know the knowledge, assets, and resources that have been developed through Tradeworks over the years, will have a lasting impact in the community.

For example, the equipment and tools from the facility are being transitioned to several community-based organizations and projects including:

Gardengate: a horticulture-based mental health program supporting people to develop skills leading to managing their wellness and gaining employment.

Atira’s Enterprising Women Making Art: a development initiative focused on supporting women in the Downtown Eastside to work together to develop an alternative form of employment.

Just Work: a social enterprise that operates in the Downtown Eastside specializing in renovations and finish carpentry.

Nunumus Management Ltd: a long-time customer of Tradeworks, Nunumus is the development group responsible for the economic development of Nuxalk First Nation located in the area of the Great Bear Rainforest. We will be donating a starter woodshop and laser engraver to support their economic development in their community by providing employment opportunities for members of their nation.

Woodshop Workers Co-op: We are excited to see that the Woodshop is in discussions with City of Vancouver to take over the existing facility, as their mandate to hire locally aligns well with Tradeworks. The Woodshop is continuing to work with us collaboratively to support current social enterprise staff with continued mentorship and employment.